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We headed out to the in-laws for Thanksgiving this year and it was pretty fun. Unfortunately all three of the kids got sick on day 3, but they still had a good time. Julia was incredibly upset when it was time to fly home. She said she really missed the dog.

I learned a thing or two about getting your own row in the airplane. Having a dirty diaper on the seat next to you works wonders. It doesn’t even have to stink. Just a rolled up diaper sitting there moves people right along.

Usually we take the laptop and have the kids watch movies on the airplane but we decided against it this time. I wanted to make sure they’d be entertained (read not annoy everyone else) so I made them some ‘airplane bags’ of goodies to keep them occupied. I’m pretty thrilled with them and more importantly so are the kids. I’ve got a picture here some where, but I don’t think its online yet. I’ll post that in a bit.

Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving too!


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