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holy moly

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I’ve updated this poor neglected blog. It’s not been for a lack of crafting. More of a lack of blogging hours in the day. I love to blog, but right now I’m so much more loving being in the craft room, trying random things. I just finished up a map quilt for the kiddos (i still haven’t gotten a picture of it though). I’ve only made one quilt before and was rather ”creative” with the binding that time. this time I tried to do it more like you’re supposed to, but it’s still not quite there I don’t think. I made it too thin and it was a bear to finish.

doll limbs
I’m also trying to figure out making a doll or two…

and we’ve been gearing up for valentine’s cards. I’m working on some placemats for my mom that need to be finished and mailed cross country before Valentines, but no pictures there yet.


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stockingsI’m digging these stockings that I made this year. As much as I like them, I’m already planning different ones for next year…something a little thicker than the flannel…maybe just some interfacing? or maybe some felt? or maybe some stripey canvas?? something not tradtionally christmassy perhaps.

tote 1this is the tote I made my sister…first time I’ve added some little applique patches. I like them. rather a lot. but my favorite bit is the lining. tote lining

table runner
and a table runner for a sister-in-law. for some reason i did not want to make this and procrastinated quite a while, but once i finally started it was fun. i think i thought it would be hard for some reason. why i’m not sure. maybe those loooong straight lines intimidated me.

place matsAnd these are some of the placemats for my mom. There are six altogether, but only two with this fabric. the place mats are double sided, so there are six of one fabric, four of another and two of this one. This wasn’t exactly intentional, but I made a slight mistake on the cutting of the fabric with four place mats and decided to go with a completely different one for the last two. This way she’ll have lots of fall options depending on how many people are eating.

christmas cardJulia and Jeremiah and I have spent a lot of time in the studio making some christmas cards to send to everyone. And I do mean everyone. Julia made sure that all of the pets we know got a card.

sugar cookiesAnd there must, there really must be sugar cookies at christmas.

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advent garland love

since this year my family is doing a homemade gift exchange I don’t think I’ll get the chance to make an awesome advent garland like this one over at hopskipjump.typepad.com. But I so want to. Maybe next year. And when I do get around to making it I’m sooo going to use this list of ideas from uncommongrace.typepad.com to fill them. Check out these awesome ideas!

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