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The kids and I have been working on Valentine’s things for a while now. While glancing through this month’s Martha Stewart I saw a little how-to for wrapping paper.

heart wrapping

I decided I had to try it, so we ran off to Michael’s for a heart punch (I should have just cut them with some scissors, but I was far too excited to think rationally) and Julia punched away for me. Once I got started, I just kept going, trying out different arrangements and colors and paper thicknesses. I think I like this haphazard tissue paper style the best.

heart envelope

I didn’t really have anything to wrap except all the cards the kids have been making, so I made envelopes. I love them!!! Far more than is normal I think. I want to mail everything in wax paper envelopes!


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romantice placemats

My mom came to visit recently and when we visited the fabric store, she bought all kinds on fabric for me to make her more placemats with. These, of course, were needed for Valentines. The picture isn’t good in that it makes the ribbon color look like it doesn’t match. Rest assured it does in real life.

Those little bows took longer than I expected the first time or two.

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holy moly

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I’ve updated this poor neglected blog. It’s not been for a lack of crafting. More of a lack of blogging hours in the day. I love to blog, but right now I’m so much more loving being in the craft room, trying random things. I just finished up a map quilt for the kiddos (i still haven’t gotten a picture of it though). I’ve only made one quilt before and was rather ”creative” with the binding that time. this time I tried to do it more like you’re supposed to, but it’s still not quite there I don’t think. I made it too thin and it was a bear to finish.

doll limbs
I’m also trying to figure out making a doll or two…

and we’ve been gearing up for valentine’s cards. I’m working on some placemats for my mom that need to be finished and mailed cross country before Valentines, but no pictures there yet.

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