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thrift bags

A picture of trash bags??? wtf? Boring I know. I’m sorry. But I can’t resist. I’ve been trying to take six bags like this to the thrift store for about a month now and I just haven’t been able to do it. I keep looking at those clothes and seeing all that fabric potential. So much to make into something else. I’ve resisted a bit cause it seems a shame to cut up something somebody already spent time putting together, but I finally went through them yesterday and kept about two bags worth. Maybe now I won’t need to go fabric shopping for the next couple whiles. or maybe i still will. 🙂


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advent garland love

since this year my family is doing a homemade gift exchange I don’t think I’ll get the chance to make an awesome advent garland like this one over at hopskipjump.typepad.com. But I so want to. Maybe next year. And when I do get around to making it I’m sooo going to use this list of ideas from uncommongrace.typepad.com to fill them. Check out these awesome ideas!

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