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thrift bags

A picture of trash bags??? wtf? Boring I know. I’m sorry. But I can’t resist. I’ve been trying to take six bags like this to the thrift store for about a month now and I just haven’t been able to do it. I keep looking at those clothes and seeing all that fabric potential. So much to make into something else. I’ve resisted a bit cause it seems a shame to cut up something somebody already spent time putting together, but I finally went through them yesterday and kept about two bags worth. Maybe now I won’t need to go fabric shopping for the next couple whiles. or maybe i still will. 🙂


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no clue

we have some friends who seem to be playing with a stacked deck. against them. A lot in their life has gone wrong and it wasn’t their fault at all. And now at this point in their lives, things continue to go wrong. Some of these things are because of their earlier lives and some of them are by their own making.

I got a phone call from this friend telling me about something she was incredibly excited about that she felt was going to get her on the road to success and feeling better about life in general. But after listening to the news, i couldn’t help but feel like this was going to be one of those things they would regret in the (near?) future. And it could be a big deal. i don’t know what to say to that – it can’t be changed now so its not like I could tactfully advise against it. I ended up being supportive and excited with her, but I wish I knew the best way to handle it.

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