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We headed out to the in-laws for Thanksgiving this year and it was pretty fun. Unfortunately all three of the kids got sick on day 3, but they still had a good time. Julia was incredibly upset when it was time to fly home. She said she really missed the dog.

I learned a thing or two about getting your own row in the airplane. Having a dirty diaper on the seat next to you works wonders. It doesn’t even have to stink. Just a rolled up diaper sitting there moves people right along.

Usually we take the laptop and have the kids watch movies on the airplane but we decided against it this time. I wanted to make sure they’d be entertained (read not annoy everyone else) so I made them some ‘airplane bags’ of goodies to keep them occupied. I’m pretty thrilled with them and more importantly so are the kids. I’ve got a picture here some where, but I don’t think its online yet. I’ll post that in a bit.

Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving too!


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Whatever that means.

Moving to a new city brought a lot of new things to investigate. One of the most important is library storytimes. In our old city we droveĀ 20 minutes to go to the storytime in the next town over instead of the one 5 minutes away cause it was just that much better. In our new town we’ve tried out two storytimes – the toddler and the preschool version. I really liked the storyteller at the toddler night, but my oldest was a bit wary of going to a night that wasn’t meant for her. The preschool night was okay – not a huge fan of the storyteller that first night, but, BUT they make crafts after the stories!!! How exciting can it get? We went back again the second week and the storyteller was much improved -maybe she just had an off night. And we made these super cool fall owls:

fall owl craft

I still want to around at the surrounding libraries and see what they’re offering (as I’m not a huge fan of going after dark) but I can’t tell you how stoked I am that there’s a crafty storytime.

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leaf fight!

leaf fight

leaf fight

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