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Chuck E Cheese

The kiddos earned themselves a trip to Chuck E Cheese through our little system we have set up. This feels like one of the best rewards I’ve come up with since its not really something I’m tempted to do very often, and its super exciting. Jeremiah even ate pizza – which he never does. He’s the original vegetarian – health foodie in our family. But at Chuck E Cheese, he’s a pizza eater. The soda is a special treat too – they get it on birthdays or extreme special occasions.


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Plane bags

Here’s the assortment of goodies for the kids on the airplane ride. airplane bags the playdoh was definitely a big hit. Inside of the little books are various things I drew for them to color and questions to answer about thanksgiving and the plane. I think I may have had way too much fun making them. Since I was sitting with the baby, Michael was sitting with the kids in the opposing aisle…which meant he was in charge of keeping them occupied. He didn’t go through the books with them, so we didn’t really get into them till we got back home after Thanksgiving. But when we did they thought it was pretty cool. Now I need a new reason to make books for them.

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no clue

we have some friends who seem to be playing with a stacked deck. against them. A lot in their life has gone wrong and it wasn’t their fault at all. And now at this point in their lives, things continue to go wrong. Some of these things are because of their earlier lives and some of them are by their own making.

I got a phone call from this friend telling me about something she was incredibly excited about that she felt was going to get her on the road to success and feeling better about life in general. But after listening to the news, i couldn’t help but feel like this was going to be one of those things they would regret in the (near?) future. And it could be a big deal. i don’t know what to say to that – it can’t be changed now so its not like I could tactfully advise against it. I ended up being supportive and excited with her, but I wish I knew the best way to handle it.

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We headed out to the in-laws for Thanksgiving this year and it was pretty fun. Unfortunately all three of the kids got sick on day 3, but they still had a good time. Julia was incredibly upset when it was time to fly home. She said she really missed the dog.

I learned a thing or two about getting your own row in the airplane. Having a dirty diaper on the seat next to you works wonders. It doesn’t even have to stink. Just a rolled up diaper sitting there moves people right along.

Usually we take the laptop and have the kids watch movies on the airplane but we decided against it this time. I wanted to make sure they’d be entertained (read not annoy everyone else) so I made them some ‘airplane bags’ of goodies to keep them occupied. I’m pretty thrilled with them and more importantly so are the kids. I’ve got a picture here some where, but I don’t think its online yet. I’ll post that in a bit.

Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving too!

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I haven’t yet finished anything, but I’ve been getting into the craft room this past week and it feels sooo good to be making things again. My “I want to” list is sooo long and it seems to be growing daily. For now, I ‘m working on some totes for the kids to pack full on fun and interesting things to do on the airplane over thanksgiving.

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What a sweetheart


I may be predictable, but I don’t care at all. I absolutely love getting flowers.

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after dinner Go Fish

Go Fish

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